Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dream Girl

Poison and Silverine are the culprits for the insanity you gonna read now. This tag is to list down 8 points abt the ‘perfect lover’ I have in mind. Damn serious business with some rules and regulations including but not limited to saying three ‘Hail Mary’s before starting and many such... I liked Poison’s serious approach but I have decided to liberally use the license given by Silverine, yes, the license to dream.

  1. She should know how to manoeuver an automobile. Check out third of my 'Seven-things-you-plan-to-do-before-you-die!!' stuff for another tag. Mastery of a cruiser bike will fetch extra points.
  2. Its my dream girl, let her be as beautiful as Aish. Please allow me to wish for a face that will make my day, for, every time I look in a mirror, I get a mild heart attack. There was a standing joke in my class about my face being slightly ‘smoother’ and ‘better looking’ than an old worn out aluminum pot.
  3. I have mentioned this somewhere else. She should be girly/feminine when it comes to small things and at the same time matured and capable of handling big things in life on her own.
  4. I prefer an engineer. Not to have those pseudo-intellectual technology discussions post supper, but because only a girl whos been through the portals of an engineering college will be in a position to take my monkey tricks in the right sense and appreciate em.
  5. Deep down, I am a typical Pala achayan, so all those feminists, lets call truce. I am not looking for a work sharing formula. Like we all know, whats life without 'Beef Ulathiyathu', Chicken Roast, and all the other typical central Travancore dishes. So me lookin for someone who can feed me, as I am a novice when it comes to cooking. For washing, lets have a pact with IFB. And for ironing, I don’t mind letting her decide what I need to wear to office, and making sure it looks good. I guess I have covered all the major points about day-to-day life.
  6. What abt one who knows singing and dancing? When I start singing, people around me suddenly start thinking of migrating to nearby nations. So it’s a good idea to have the company of someone who knows the art. I have some hidden motives behind that dancing bit. In parties, when I start dancing, (most of the time) others pick up their dishes. So if I have a partner who dances well, I can just tap my feet occasionally, pretend as if I am a great dancer, and then boast to my friends that she first fell in love with my dancing and so on and so forth...
  7. I am a football/party lover. So if she is fascinated about some indoor hobbies like reading, knitting, bonsai-ing etc etc, I guess it will be a perfect balance. You know what I mean, ;-), right?
  8. I love body massage.
Me passing this to Venus, AF and Flash. I am sure Flash will make a mess out of this :_D

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I am happy that my Training Morons triggered a deluge of mails in our group. 72 and still counting as I write this. Our group took a trip down the memory lane.

"the training time, monthly treats, 56 kali, leg pulling sessions, the various trips, vellamadi parties, onam celebration, cooking, marine drive, bombay hotel, bandra band stand, ganapathy bhavan, different chechimar and god knws wht all." - Munna

"sherikkum kurachu samayam nammude pazhaya kaalathekku poyi oduvil oru vyarthamaaya neduveerppumittu thirichethi ..... "breaked for tea" vaayichu chirchu chirichu vattaayi ..." – Saabriman

"Those days were golden days . Dont know whether any time would come to beat that. To be frank even don't know whether we ourselves can play that part, in case we all come back together again. Every one might have changed a lot." – Sam

"a lot of things have changed in the last four years. well, they have to. but one thing that amuses me a lot is that though we are scattered across the globe, we are still in touch with each other in one way or another. though we are missing important events in our lives like marriage and all, we are still updated abt each others. donno hw long will it continue, but hv to agree that there is certain warmth in the relationships we have and i kind of enjoy the warmth so much that i dont feel good to welcome a change." - Munna

"too good...missing all those lovely moments...a lot of memories started rushing in :)..." - Ikka

And then somebody remembered about our old mail chains. Jack had started writing a 'Guess Who' series, in which he described some of us in his inimitable style. I have got em published here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. (Shall get the first one soon). One of em is about me. Then there was a tit for tat reply to that list, in the form of another mail which Nero and Pusher published describing Jack himself. Another famous mail was the one which was supposed to be a next-change billboard at the CET Theater.

I Know this doesnt make any sense to the outsiders...But for us, each of these sentences has associated stories piggybacked. This is for us, the 14 CETians, to have a hearty laugh each time we go thru this. I know this is not the end of the journey. Three cheers to the ongoing spirit!!!

"Hum na rahenge, yaaroom ke bin"

Monday, January 23, 2006

CET films


CET films'nte banner'il... ningalude mumpil avatharippikkunnu.....................

a romantic tragedy
starring --- rahul abraham in and as CHACKO...

introducing : meera jasmine

an action thriller
starring ---- sujith chellappan in and as KOORA...

an action comedy
starring --- rajesh in and as THE KIDILAM

love story in a different dimension
starring --- arvind in and as NEURO CHETTAN

ennum avan postman varunnathum kathirunnu....
starring --- salim in and as LUTTAPPI

a self disclosing family dramabased on a true story
starring : pramod in and as PAPPA

starring : ramkumar in and as MANIYAN
his next release :melepparambil jerry kumaran

size does matter
starring --- kiran in and as THALLY
mallika in and as AENI PENNU

9. AEY AUTO ...
oru software engineerude kadana kadha
starring : sabari in and as SAABRIMAN

his next release : amme priyakku sukhamaanoo..

ithaa jayante pingaami
starring : snith in and as JIMMY

aval athu arinjilla..paavam
starring : NAGA in and as HIJU PARIYAPPA
with shweta
(H-for hijdaas only)

a quadruple love story
starring --- arun george in and as VEDI GEORGE
with pami,ani,and preet

A Tribute to "His Highness Mandan"

From: Nero and Pusher
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2001 3:11 AM
To: CET Group

The person whom i'm going to introduce to you needs no introduction...He's the (below) average indian foolish joe. It is hard to describe this unique phenomenon...But here we make a brave attempt.

Acid tests are not enough for this brave soul, for he went a step further for his favourite mobile...the Urine test...which ended in three stages OH! S***! F***!

This person owes a lot to the MP3 file format without which he may not be here with us today. His mentor and master Mr.GB was so impressed by his talents during exam, that he couldnt bother taking eyes off this maestro in action....and after the exam this person couldnt lay eyes on his mentor ever again...probably due to respect.

His encounter with the PCS computers could be well summed up in one line..."Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind" for he believes firmly that his computer is an alien and he can talk to it...results are just a matter of using the right word with the coumputer.

His antics in the first project led him to the next project within just 1 week...probably because of his success in fixing stuff under the table...or probably because of his exploits in java/jsp or may be just because he was the only soul kind enough to help his team mates (read ex-) in times of trouble.

He is a true conversationalist for he does not allow even his sleep to come in between his conversations...not even a hen, for that matter.

He has cheated death many times...once with the help of an injection too...his body is a testing ground for all kinds of antibiotics for it is here where they get tested before they hit the market.

Once his daily diet included 4 kgs of cork and 1 sandwich....that was before he begged for the mercy killing which his doctor refused...but now it is now reduced to largely a diet of fresh leaves.

This explorer is often creditted for the discovery of "Kairali Mess" but the truth is known by a couple of his true friends.Like Columbus who proclamed he had discovered India on the shores of America....he claimed to have discovered some medical shops instead of "Kairali Mess".

His endeavour in climbing the tallest of mountains (Mt. Khargar) cannot be outdone by even Tenzing Norgay or Edmund Hillary...for they climbed the mountain with Shoes which our hero didn't bother to bring along(which was the sole reason for any lack of pace...if there was any).

He is truly the Back Stroke Swimming (make that kicking) champion of India...ask Sujith who stood testimony to his path breaking kick.

Say phone and this person rings a tone. He is not a product of British Raj but come a phone call and his official language changes to English.

All said and done we cannot do anything but admire this unique feat of nature...this serendipity...this avatar...Mr. J the end we leave you with a extract from his favourite quotes (any resemblances to certain movie dialogues is certainly unintentional)

enthokke keetindu nigal Manduvine kurichu...
java chodichappol mp3 file kuduthavan Mandu,
sql connection engane open cheyyum ennu chodichappol ariyilla ennu paranjavan Mandu,
HTML ile body kollulla ennu PL paranjappol, body nannakkan Gymil poyavan Mandu,
pinneyum mandatharangal eetu vaangan Mandu iniyum baki.
vayya makkale vayya.....ENNE ONNU KONNU THARAAMOOOO?????

Guess Who 6

From: Jack
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 10:55 AM
To: CET Group

This is the sixth mail in the series and this is about a person who is credited with the invention of the neural time machine.This invention forced his parents to change his name and his new name stuck with him for 4 yrs of college after which a new addition was there to his name and that was "KUNDAN". This name was gifted to him by another employee of the software company where he works, and the story of how this came about is very interesting.

One day the character of this story was undergoing training and he sat near an employee during the class. He saw that the employee was wearing a pink shirt. He was interested and he told the employee "GOOD SHIRT". The employee hearing that said that he belonged to "KUNDAN" gang and that was why he was wearing such a shirt. Suddenly his eyes lit up. He saw his opportunity and he said "I TOO HAVE SUCH A SHIRT. IT HAS BEEN MY LIFE LONG AMBITION.CAN I JOIN THIS GANG?". The employee glad to have a partner in the gang accepted him. His induction into the gang was quick. He learned the special noise the members of the gang make as they see a person. He learned how to approach a person. How to recruit a person etc. Suddenly others heard of his new nature. Men kept away from him. He denounced marriage for other reasons. Here ends the story of how he got his name. At times he is called by the employee to do him favours which he kindly carries out.

Weekdays he is busy at work and he is not able to carry out duties for the gang. He is free on week ends. He makes up excuses that he is going to his relatives house. He uses this time to carry out his duties for the gang and do favours for the employee.

Nowadays he is very desperate. It is because the only girl he loved has left him. She has gone to madras. When she left him he has turned more to this new gang for comfort and support.

Another characteristic of this person is his battered face. He has received many blows on his nose especially. Mainly due to activities carried out by the gang and slaps on face with shoes by men. He is careful nowadays. One day when he went for medical check up the doctor asked how many broken bones. His reply made the doctor faint. The answer was 30. This explains his characteristic walk. He has to carry so many broken bones in him.

He spends a lot of time chatting with his gang members through the net and phone. He spends at times about 50-60 rs a day on local calls for carrying out duties and fixing appointments.

As usual sorry for any resemblances to any living person and even if there is any resemblances it will be only to an unique person.

Guess Who 5

From: Jack
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 12:22 PM
To: CET Group

This is the fifth mail in the series. This is about a character with the golden voice. He proclaims to be the successor to KUMAR SANU but kumar sanu denies him to be his son. Since people do not recognise him for his VOICE he has turned to body building. But now he has noticed that since he has joined the gym the attendance at the gym has come down. Poor fellow does not know that his voice is the culprit.

He has the uncanny ability of luring people with his music. Only problem is that the luring is in the opposite direction. Another unusual thing about him is that once he heard an advice that the best thing to do to do well in studies would be to fall in love with an intelligent girl. So he tried his best to make PAMS (not the actress) to fall in love with him by using his voice. But then u people could guess the end.

As usual sorry for any resemblances to any living being and even if there is any resemblances it will be only to an unique person.

Guess Who 4

From: Jack
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2002 6:16 PM
To: CET Group

This is the fourth mail in the series. This is about a special character. He is the most unique among his friends and the reason for that is that he sees things which are not there, he gets everything he wants through gifts even his sobriquet EAST OR WEST. He tries in vain to make others 'ANNAIRS' but doesnt know that he is getting duped.

He has the uniqueness of making people bowing before him (not due to honour but out of despair). The greatest example is of AIR INDIA MAHARAJ bowing before him and then very recently his own project leader. He has the most powerful vision and that too without glasses because he can make the best hubble telescope pale in comparison with him since he sees stars when no one else can. He creates the best web sites for the company but the problem is that when people see the site they think that he is the PRINCIPAL of the company.

For him food is the best at Hotel Milan when his phone call comes there. I dont know why but must the cooks make the food more tastier on those days. He had many girls swooning over him because of his cutie nature. When he walks around the girls say "There goes Mr Cutie Pie!!!!!!!!!!!." and the boys say "EAST or WEST __________ is the BEST". Among his collection of gifts are injections, reflectors, bathroom items, dresses and he himself. His greatest aim is to become the principal.

As usual sorry for any resemblances to any living being and even if there is any resemblances it will be only to an unique person.

Guess Who 3

From: Jack
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2002 4:11 PM
To: CET Group

This the third mail

This is about a thinking man who thinks even if it is for no use. Even if he reads this mail he will be thinking about it.His main problem is that he creates problems by thinking. There have been many thinkers in this world but he is completely different from these lot due to the simple reason that they did great things by thinking and solved problems for other people but this person created problems for others by his unique thinking problems. He has been mocked at by his friends and at times because of this he goes into a shell saying that he has lost his 'SHESHI' .

He has many other unique features. He was born with a mustache. His parents have never seen him without one. He is a very determinate person ,determinate in the sense that he is sure to forget his resolution. He drinks milk with no sugar, never eats or drinks a new food item or juice because it is very risky. I dont know how he started to eat rice for the first time.

He has been mocked at by girls for many reasons. But it was due to some misunderstanding. His another unique feature is that he can help other boys to achieve their sweet heart by just looking once at that girl. Such is his power. And when the other fellow gets the girl he is pleased that there is one less girl who will fall for him. Looks like he his besotted by girls.

As usual sorry for any resemblances to any living being and even if there is any resemblances it will be only to an unique person.

Guess Who 2

From: Jack
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2002 3:46 PM
To: CET Group

Now coming to the second mail in my series of mails.

He comes from a small village near kottayam. At the young tender age of 5 he left home or he was made to go away. After that he studied in local schools and then he came to study in a good college. During his college life he had 3 beautiful girl friends .This relationship went on until one day one of the girls cried foul. He was convicted for that . He lost his self composure. He was in hiding for a few months.

Later he got job as a software programmer but he found out that all he could program was writing on to a notepad. But all this time he still had in heart a small spot for his college love.

Later in his company when he found out that his work was not in note pad he felt depressed and his PM found out that he was good for nothing. He is very gullible and can be made a fool by just a phone call.

In this case also the resemblance can be only to a single person. But sorry for the coincidence.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Training Morons

Continued from where I stopped Mumbai Meri Jaan . That one was abt our life in general. This one is about our training stunts, the reason why we were there. After 3 death warrants and 2 attempts on life, I have decided to use unrelated nick-names for all the characters of my ‘story’ going forward.

We the CETians (14 in number) were split into 3 different batches and they tried to teach us ‘software’. What should I say other than ‘high hopes’? When 4 years of technical education failed miserably in imparting even the slightest bit of knowledge, what were they planning to achieve in 2 months? Anyways, we the obedient learners entered the allotted classrooms, with a zest for more knowledge.... (You see, I am damn honest, if not anything else :_) ).

The first character of my story is Jack. The one and only Jack who is a master of all trades. The one who automatically switches his medium of communication to Yinglish the moment he gets a call on his cell, the one who supports Indian Music industry by buying all the unsold cassettes and CDs, the one for whom Meera Jasmin was always Mera (hindi for ‘My’) Jasmin, the kind hearted fella who donated his first salary for the noble cause of providing us entertainment, by buying a music system.

I still remember Jack shouting at the monitor once. That was the first time he tried an assignment himself. He put in all his energy and resources on making the server respond with a welcome page. All he managed to get was a 505 error even after his 23rd try. He threw his keyboard away, pushed his chair back, and stood up screaming, “Whats ur bloody big problem? I wrote that sh*&&y piece of code, keyed in all those bloody input parameters, did all those bloody settings changes, now why cant you give me an output?” This he shouted pointing at the monitor. All of us were rolling on the floor seeing him perform =)). After this unsuccessful and over publicized effort to make the comp obey his commands, Jack retired to his fav pastime of searching for mp3s in the Lan or giving us running commentaries about the position and whereabouts of the teacher or the girls of the class or some other equally interesting activity.

Now comes Munna - poet, musician and the creative spirit amongst us. It was a UNIX class and the teacher taught about ‘banner’ command. She asked the class to leave a banner on individual screens when they took a tea break. Entire class obeyed dutifully. While gulping down his tea, Munna remembered about the banner he had put on his screen. He started asking people if they had seen his banner. When they answered in the negative, he was relieved and tried to rush back to the class and change it before others saw it. However, our very own friends made sure all of us saw the banner before Munna could erase it. The banner read "Breaked for Tea". The entire class knew about it, and from that day, for each tea break we took, somebody or the other always tried to put a dummy banner on Munna’s machine, banners like "Broken for Tea", “Having Teaing", "Tea Breaked" and many more... :_)

Jack had a constant companion for all his adventures - Nero. Nero is known for his neurotic astute brain cells and the way he uses them. He used to listen carefully to all the lectures and tried to finish all the assignments in time. When he was done with an assignment, he would ask Jack (who was busy with his activities mentioned above) to copy the same. Being a quality conscious guy, Jack always made sure he tested the program thoroughly before copying it. It was fun watching Nero doing all the programs and Jack breaking them every single time with the slightest of efforts (like entering an alphabet when it asks for a digit etc etc....)

Another interesting episode was Jack (who hadnt learned Mallu formally as he was ejjucated in central schools) polishing his Mallu skills with sentences like "Da, look... aa frog, jump cheythu going", and he narrating the story of "Lord Ayyappa fetching the milk of the tiger".

The ultimate incident again had Jack at the driver’s seat. It was a Java class. Teacher was explaining about Java API and the classes within namespaces. He described the class library and mentioned that there were a large number of classes catering to different programming needs. One particularly inquisitive soul of our class (a northie idiot) who used to ask doubts every 3.2 minutes, raised his hand, and shot his question "Sir, exactly how many classes are there?" All of us were irritated at that stupid question, but only for a moment, as we heard Jack’s sudden muttered reply "1375, to be prĂ©cised". Man, it was damn hilarious, all of us tried real hard to control our laughter, some of us were found burying our heads behind the head rest of the chair in front.

We used to copy assignments from one machine to the other through the network. Since we had this fear at the back of our minds that there was some omnipresent, omnipotent Sys Admin tracking each one of the files transferred across the network, we used to rename each of the .java files to .mp3 files before copying. After our training days, when we were assigned to projects, we did the exact reverse. We copied mp3s (which are more sort after then java files once trainees are allocated to projects) renaming them to .java files.

We had like 3 days for a course, then an exam at the end of it. Since none of us used to prepare, exams were always tough for us, and all of us used to head to MeghDhoot Theater for the late night show to wash away the exam blues. So, it was like at least 2 movies during weekdays and another 2 or 3 on the weekends. We had fun during the training days; since we were familiar with most of the courses we had, we used to top the exams and the CET gang was the model gang for the rest of the batch (neighbors envy) – ‘unlimited fun plus academic excellence’. :_)) No no no, I am not boasting, check with any of our training batch girls ;_)))

Addendum - Stuff I forgot to include in the original.

Next character is Sam. HTML class. All sorts of tags were covered, including the ‘marquee’ tag. One of the assignments was to create a homepage for self, using all the tags we learned. Everybody busy at work. After 15 minutes, ppl who looked at Sam’s monitor started ROFL.... A huge H1 header marquee was dancing on the screen with the inscription


HTML class again. This time Jack busy building his homepage. He came up with his version which had a large banner “Welcome to the world of web entertainment”. I think it was Nero who pointed out that it resembled captions on pornographic sites. It was soon concluded that Jack was trying to imitate those sites which he was most familiar with.

Addendum - Something I got as a result of the mail chain which got initiated in our group because of this post. This is in mallu (I apologise to the non-mallus). This was how Jack (supposedly) described himself at the end of the training period. Btw, Ganesh Bhat was our Java teacher.

"java il code ezhuthan paranjappol ariyilla ennu paranjavan Jack...
.java file chodichappol .mp3 file koduthavan Jack
pinne enthallam paranju nadakkunnundu Ganesh Bhat ningade naatil?
Jack-ne thopikkan ningalku aakilla makkale"

Friday, January 06, 2006

5 . some1

Reasons why ‘five point someone’ should be treated as an epic. All the guys out there should read, understand and remember the following words-of-wisdom.

“I am so sorry. Are you all right?” she enquired, tucking her hair behind her ear.

I was not all right, and it was her damn fault. But when a young girl asks a guy if he is all right, he can never admit he is not.

“I was actually jogging,” I said, holding her hand and getting up as slowly as I could without being obvious. Who wants to abandon a pretty girl’s hand? Anyway, I had to after I was standing up.

Don’t ever miss a chance for an intro.

We got into the car. I saw her sit carefully in the driver’s seat, as if she was running the starship Enterprise or something. Then she placed her bare foot on the accelerator. Now may be it is because I am an engineer, but that was hot. Bare female skin on metal is enormously sexy.

I know this sounds weird, but I agree with the author. There are other such sights, like a bangle-d hand holding a sledgehammer in a smithy workshop, and many others...

I saw Neha again, it was a nice surprise.

“Hi” I said, raising my hand to catch her attention. She looked at me, and then kept looking, her face expressionless. She acted as if she did not recognize me. Then she went back to flipping pages of the notebooks she had just bought. Now that was hell, I mean, if you are in a public place and say ‘hi’ to a girl, all beaming and everything and she’s like ‘have we been introduced?’

The shopkeeper looked at me, as did a few other customers, and I felt like low-life though I gave it another try. “Neha it’s me! Remember the car accident in the morning?” I said.

“Excuse me” she said huffily and departed. This time the shopkeeper looked at me like I was a regular sex-offender.

Address her in public on your own risk. If you dare address her when her relatives are around, chances for your relatives to bail you out are higher.

“Hi” said Neha.

Go to hell, was my instant mental reflex. But I turned to look at her and damn, she was pretty. And with that one tiny dimple on her right cheek flashing every time she smiled... Now try saying ‘go to hell’ to that.

Will somebody who managed to do this please raise his hand?

It is hard enough to say no to pretty girls or to ice-cream but when it’s offered together, it is well nigh impossible.

Any doubts, anybody?

“I said I am sorry, Harri” she said, and touched my arm again like she did earlier. I kind of liked that, I mean, which guy wouldn’t. You have this pretty girl all smiley and touching your arm; better than ice-cream I tell you.

Do I need to say anything more?

“Yes I even got a license” she chirped and opened her bag to show it to me. She started taking stuff out of her handbag and a million things came out – lipsticks, lip balms, creams, bindis, earrings, pens, mirrors, wet tissues and other stuff that one can live without.

Important lesson: Never open a lady’s bag, you sure gonna get lost in the things that are gonna pop out.

“Still I like chivalrous men” she said, repacking her bag and the million belongings.

I did not know if it meant something. I mean, did she want me to know what kind of men she liked, or did she want me to be like the man she liked, or did she like me. Who knows? Figuring out women is harder than topping a ManPro quiz.

Epics are written on this topic.

She had made it pretty safe for me, but I tell you, the first time you ask a girl out for a date, its like the hardest thing. Almost as stressful as vivas.

Experience speaks!

I did not answer her. I mean, I just thought it weird that I could call her only on that one day a month, like I had a dental appointment or something. But girls are weird, I was learning.

Start learning.

That is the thing with girls. They are like half your size or something, but if they know you like them, then boss you around. Who the hell did she think she was?

So true :_(

Like a trained pet, I got up from the seat opposite and sat next to her; pretty girls have this power to turn Mary, making lambs out of people.

Anyone has any valid points against this?

This time, madam had asked for a gift. She made his whole deal about how I actually never gave her anything, and how other girls got gifts from their friends. I mean, it was asinine logic if you ask me, as there were things she could give me, and without much capital investment. To have the nerve to ask for a gift on top of this deprivation is something only woman can do, as they are made differently after all.

(If this looks like a reply to one of the recent posts in a popular blog, then its pure coincidence ;_))

Maybe it was not completely true. But it wasn’t all lies either (and in any case, it is about saying the right thing to girls, who gives a damn if it is true or not....)

Remember, its all about timing...

Girls are beautiful, lets face it, and life is quite, quite worthless without them.


Man why is it so hard to explain stuff to girls. Cant she just get on with it? Should I say something dumb that she wants to hear?

“Neha, I know I did all those things. But at one level, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t your Hari” I said. Obviously, I made no sense. But that is the thing with girls. Give them confusing crap and they fall for it.

This is a trade secret. Plz don’t reveal.

Ryan stayed silent; I guess he was searching for another topic.

“How is your girl?” he asked after straining his brain for twenty seconds.

That is how Ryan addresses Neha. He never says her name, as if she being ‘my girl’ is more important than her being Neha.

“Neha is great. Going for a movie next week”.

“So you guys serious?”

“Serious about what?”

“I don’t know, like you love her and everything?”

“I don’t know” I said.

That’s how men talk about their relationships. Nobody knows anything – neither the questioner nor the answerer.

This is the ultimate one. I agree with this cent percent. That last sentence summarizes all that is to be said about how men see relationships..