Sunday, July 30, 2006

A picture tag

Here is tag from Alexis. Sorry Alexis, I am a bit late :)
Here I go...

1. Most desired celebrity

Aishwarya Rai
I am crazy about this super personality. Indian but truly international. A face which will cheer you up and a smile that will knock you down.

2. Want to do this some day

Scoring a goal in a world cup match. Going out there in the middle, sharing the same field with those giants, and then tossing the ball in.

3. Want to visit this place

Yea rite. It’s a podium. Yes, an F1 podium. I am crazy about driving. So nothing like being invited to that ‘place’ for all the right reasons :) Let me make it clear - I dont follow F1, just that I am crazy about driving.

4. Random Favorite

Do you recognize this guy? Yea he is the living legend - Diego Armando Maradona. God of millions of football fans. I like him for his heroism in bringing up his club and his country from nowhere to the spot light. And then for fighting all on his own and coming back even after being ignored by everybody else, . This god was there in the stands this time, for each Argentina match, cheering them. I admire him for his spirit.

5. I was tagged by Alexis.
Comment:Post the picture of the place where you were tagged, and if you picked up the tag yourself then the picture of the place you picked it from. Click on the image to see the enlarged view.

Tagging the kickass dude.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

They hit 'me' once again

Of all the places I have been to, Mumbai is my dearest. I simply adore the spirit of that city, the feeling of being treated as a ‘Mumbaikar’.

And those bastards hit me where it matters. This is not the first time, and probably this wont be the last also. But then, we don’t care. We will fight back. Just to prove all those bastards wrong, we will stand on our feet again, continue our work as if nothing happened.

Long live the brotherhood!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

One around, two on top

I know I havnt been so regular at blogging… had loads of work… tuff days… conf calls… dead lines… escalations… all typical stuff of software industry.

Now the first phase is over… I will be here for some more time, dunno if its for good or bad. :-)

Another long weekend. July 4th weekend. Since 3rd is a working day for us and our project kicks off on that very same day, I cudnt take a day off and plan for a trip… So I am stuck here.

Since I didn’t have anything to do for the evening, I thought of getting a hair cut done. By the way, I got up late, and was watching both the soccer matches, so it was 6 when I left my house for the haircut. Since this is a long weekend, most of the saloons remained closed…I wandered a bit and finally managed to find one… I checked the timings and it was supposed to close at 7:00 PM and it was already 6:50 PM. The lady allowed me to sneak in even though I didn’t have an appointment. Thus far things were working fine.

Ok, so this “hair stylist” wraps me in a black coat, and looks at me for directions… I said “Just a regular trim”. She replied “Just a regular cut?”. If only I had answered in the affirmative, everything would have gone well. But at that split second another conversation flashed through my mind. Sometime back I had asked my friend abt hairstyles here, and he had said something like ‘One around , two on top’ – which I understood to mean something like they make it somewhat close on the sides and allow double of that on the top.

So this bit of information was retrieved by my brain cells, processed at lightning pace and was delivered as output to the hair stylist. Should say I was trying to impress her by showing my knowledge about the ‘in-style’. (Heck, this one around thing is something which every T, D and H knows. So there is nothin much to show off in that) Anyways, I proudly proclaimed ‘One around, two on top’. She gave me a quizzical look and offered “That would be too close, should I try one around and three on top?”… I was like, well, err, ok, fine, go ahead.

The action that followed also took place in lightning speed – She took out a trimmer, put size 1 blade and mowed the entire left side of my head in one swing :-(. Before I cud respond, I saw the skin of my head on that part of my head :-(. It was bad enough. Then I thot – Ok, may be she will now trim the hair on top with a pair of scissors and adjust it a bit… I was waiting for her to finish off the side job and then instruct her on how to trim the top floor. I saw her changing the blade. I thot she was going to make sides smoother or something, but what she did was changing form size 1 to size 3 and mowing down a part of the hair on top of my head :-(. Its not as close as the sides, but then having 1 millimeter hair at some part of your and having 3 millimeter hair at other parts looks almost the same. :-(

Now I look almost like I did a clean shave. I wont forget the way my roomie was rollin on the floor laughing when he saw me after 'the cut'. Dunno how will I show my head in the office now. Have decided one thing – no more going for ‘in-style’ things. “Just a regular trim” is all I am going to say in any saloon for as long as I remember this.