Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jay Ho!

In the given circumstances, general elections 2009 have produced probably the best result one can hope for. Like the recent state assembly elections in Delhi, Gujrat and MP, voters continued the good trend of electing governments based on their previous developmental policies, rather than based on cast and creed politics.

The fact that this is the best result becomes obvious, when we consider the alternatives. Here are some could have been scenarios.

1. BJP with absolute majority: India will be walking right-bound (or backwards, whichever way you want to look at it) for at least five years in foreign relationships, energy generation, communal harmony etc. Merchants of deaths, culture police gangs, anti valentine day crusaders etc will be roaming our streets freely.

2. Lalu+Mulayam+Paswan gathers 60+ seats and are an integral part of the government: All development work, i.e. the ones which squeeze through the stubborn blockage of these parties, will be concentrated in UP and Bihar, not to mention the personal gains these leaders are going to make for themselves. Whichever govt accepts the support of these parties will be subject to constant arm-twisting from them. Just imagine opportunists like Lalu or Amar Singh deciding our foreign policies or developmental roadmap.

3. Mayawati getting 60+ seats and third front getting simple majority: We will have the honor of being ruled by Behan Mayawati. But then we already had the honor of being ruled by Humble Farmer Deva Gowda, so this prospect might not match in shock quotient. If she becomes the PM, no points in guessing which state will prosper and whose bank accounts are going to go through the ceiling. If she could make all these assets by looting, oops ruling, just a single state, just imagine who will be the wealthiest person on earth in a couple of years.

4. Jayalalitha sweeping TN polls: Instead of DMK, it would have been AIADMK mistaking portfolio allocation meeting for fish market, employing the same tactics of bargaining.

5. Deva Gowda and sons getting enough seats for bargaining: Or stretch that even further and think of a scenario where they get enough seats to bargain for the PM's post. We will see Kumaraswami getting into five different pacts with five different parties to have coalitions of one year tenure each. He will switch his partners five times within the five year term.

So lets just be thankful about the small mercies that come our way every once in a while.