Monday, February 25, 2008


A drifter.

That’s what I am.

I drift from places, people, ideas... I keep moving from pasture to pasture. My attention spans have become shorter and shorter. My priorities keep changing. Often I burn the bridges behind me.

Its been a long time since I posted something here. I guess I am regular here only when I am comparatively free elsewhere. So does that mean blogging has gone down in my priority list? May be yes. But I don’t think I can say I have picked up some new activity which replaced blogging. Its just that it moved to the background on its own.

I had seen this post from Thanu some time back and thought of linking it up here and saying "Ditto". But then on second thought I wanted to keep my options (and my blog) open.

I have come back to my page after a long time. Read some of my previous posts once again. Felt like deleting most of them :). Since it wasn’t that entertaining to re-read my crap, I decide to go through my friends blogs one by one. Nice to see most of them are still active. Found the latest post on Jiby’s blog. Was truly amazed to see a mention there.

I can identify with most of Jiby’s posts. When I read about the way he feels about his college life, his US life, his present, I often see a black cat moving (ref : Matrix). This latest post got me thinking. I agree with him, I was active in blogging because of the community. It was to keep that friend circle alive that I used to blog. Like how you often go to a Coffee Day for 'Conversation' rather than 'Coffee', even though they tag themselves 'Coffe and Conversations'. The gang was great - Sharing happenings, news, thoughts, view points, stories with each other. Now after reading Jiby's post, I feel like starting it all over again. I don’t think I will be that regular now, work steals most of my awake hours. But I still want to hang around here, with an occasional post now and then; so that I will still belong to the ‘gang’; I wont get cut off.

If I don’t thank ‘the gang’ members -Poison- and Kickassso for their help, it will be an injustice. I wanted an acco for my bro and his friend at Tvm for a month. I tried through some of my other contacts but couldn’t manage to get anything convenient. I contacted Poison through mail, I saw him forwarding that to Kickasso, I gave a call to Kickasso, kickasso in action, swift and fast. Acco ready in flat 2 hours. Thank you very much guys. Really really appreciate your help.

About my latest coordinates: Changed country, continent, client, account, company, marital status among others. Back to Bangalore for the time being.

Life is beautiful. :)