Friday, April 26, 2013

Airtel India's unprofessional customer service

I have been using Airtel broadband connection for a number of years now. As long as it works, it works well. Connection speeds are decent and you get a good experience. But once something breaks, you are out of luck as you have to deal with a bunch of unprofessional support staff. They are incompetent, they avoid taking responsibility, and they just close your complaints without fixing the issue and put unrelated and confusing comments on the issue.

Recently my broadband connection became unstable and I have been facing frequent disconnections. I logged a service request on April 23rd. A support staff called me on 24th morning. I wasn’t at him, was at work, and he didn’t visit my home.  He told me there was some jumper issue at the Airtel end and he could fix it and everything was all right and he was closing the issue. I came home in the evening and checked and saw the issue to be recurring. So I logged a second complaint on 24th evening. Next day I got a call from another technician. This time he offered to come home and check. He came in the evening. Checked my modem and told me there was nothing wrong with the equipment at my end. I had rechecked with him if anything was wrong at my end, he confirmed that it was probably a cable related issue at the Airtel end. He did some reconfigurations using my laptop. He left saying the issue was sorted out.

It was fine for some time after that. Now on April 26th I started noticing the issue again.  I called the customer service a third time. The customer service representative checked the previous history and told me that the disconnections were because of a faulty modem at my end. The technician who had assured me that my modem was all right had updated the issue saying it was a modem problem. So much for professionalism and customer service ethics. I am still waiting for my issue to be resolved.

It is really irritating when Airtel just closes off your first couple of complaints without even attempting to solve the issue.

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