Friday, May 05, 2006

Pee at your will

What do you call someone who is extremely proud of his religion? One who cannot tolerate any other religion… or one who has prejudices about other religions?? We live in a progressive society which advises us to look down upon religious fanatics. Most people do so at least for the sake of being politically correct.

Now, what about someone who is extremely proud of his country? One who despises people from other countries? Sadly, we call him a patriot. Xenophobes are often passed off as stalwarts of nationalism and patriotism.

In this age of information super highways and globalization, isn’t it time we do away with those imaginary boundaries which separate your nation from mine, or ours from theirs?

We see groups of people fighting against each other. Americans against (terrorists from) the rest of the world. Indians against Pakistanis. Palestinians against Israelites. Chinese against Indians. X against Y.

It took centuries for civilizations to realize the folly in dividing people based on religion. (On second thoughts, have we really done that yet? Am I wrong in saying the religious tolerance we see around us these days is only skin-deep?)

Will I be crucified for stating the fact that dividing people based on nationality is as good or as bad as dividing people based on religion?

Looking forward to an immediate tomorrow where the national boundaries will give way to four or five continents and then a not so distant future when we all will be citizens of One World.

Personal Update: Sometimes silly things like being able to pee at ur will seems like a war won on its own, when you go thru ‘terrific’ conditions :_). Reference: So far, we didn’t have access to the development area doors allotted for us. Each time we wanted to even pee, we had to wait for someone else to open the doors for us. So finally after umpteen mails to and fro, when we were granted access, we celebrated by peeing away to our hearts content whenever (and no…not wherever) we wanted. :_)

Proverb: A cleavage should be treated like a sunset sight. You just take a peek, and shdnt keep staring at it!!! :_))