Saturday, November 08, 2008

Past, Present and Future Tag ..

Another tag from Gasper. Tags are like forwards, when you get one, you get the same one some three times from three different sets of friends. If Gasper tags me, I am sure I will see Rat, Soo etc doing the same tag. The exception will be people like Sand who have dedicated their blogs to once in a year technology updates J.

The tag:

Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere.

I. Yesterday

A. Your oldest memories

Gasper has gone to great lengths in fishing out his oldest memories. Even engg days are listed under his oldest memories. I wonder how old he considers himself to be now ;) Not to be left behind, Rat has come up with a list of his curricular and extra-curricular activities till tenth. Soo can’t force herself to stop even after listing out 15 of her oldest and fondest memories, so she has announced the rest to a new post.

Oldest memory is a confusing term for a memory challenged person like me. Memorizing stuff has been one of my weakest points. I used to prefer maths over bio because the latter involved a lot of memorizing. I don’t remember my birthday, your birthday or even my better half’s birthday. The first two are comparatively harmless compared to the consequences of the third action J

I don’t have any vivid memories of my childhood. I have tried hard to remember things happened before my school days and all I remember are two cloudy events. One in which me tripping on something while running around my preschool, falling, my head banging on the side of school varandha, and me getting a permanent mark under my eyebrow. The second memory is of my friend and me bending down and looking under the passing vehicles to check for something, while we were taken back from our preschool. I forgot what we were checking, but we used to do that religiously whenever any vehicle passed by us.

B. What were you doing ten years ago?

Going gasper’s way, ten years back, in 1998 Nov, I had just joined CET and Bethany hostel. I think my classes started towards Nov end. Soon after I joined my hostel, it was time for our Xmas celebration. I remember we all doing night outs decorating the hostel, under Koshy’s decoration committee. One of those days, after a night’s toil, may be around 4 in the morning, the committee members were all assembled near Bethany college, a couple of them on top of coconut trees extracting ripe coconuts while the others waiting patiently for the fruits to come down. I guess that’s what I was doing ten years back, enjoying my wasteful years.

II. Today

A. Your first thought in the morning

Nothing specific. I wake up with a blank to-do-list and keep adding stuff to it as and when I am faced with something. So there are no recurring thoughts in the mornings.

B. If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

The obvious choice for me will be a memory device which stores all my fav pictures. But then, now that I have dropped and damaged my external hard disk which had all my pictures so far, I am thinking about having a number of memory devices J, if at all I decide to rebuild.

III. Tomorrow

A. This year…

A year which taught me to take my work seriously. So far ‘layoff’ was a term which used to mean somebody lost job somewhere. When I see lookups on names of some my teammates from across the glob returning blanks, I realize the meaning of that term. But unlike the majority who say this is not a stable carrier and they would want to look out for something else, I still want to hang on, I still like my job and I want to continue in this industry. I like the challenges associated with my job.

The tomorrows of this year look promising as usual. A trip home is planned and so is the annual release of our product. Exciting days ahead.

B. What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Driving an imported SUV through the beaches of Goa. Add the ownership title of the beach bungalow where I am going to park that SUV to the wish list, will ya?

I am still way too materialistic J