Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day weekend

Its been a long time :)

After a long long time, got a chance to be behind the wheels again.
Had a trip to Minneapolis for the Labor Day weekend. A Kia Spectra. 1200+ miles. 3 of us. Was nice to clock 120 mph, that’s more than 190 km per hour, and the vehicle was still ready to be pushed harder. The only deterrent was the threat of a speeding ticket. I wont mind a ticket to hit may be a 150+, I am going to rent out a better beast :) (eying on a porsche ;)

They are right, to experience the American way of life; you need to hit the freeways. I am sure I can drive for days at a stretch in conditions like this. Hit the road early, and before you realize, you wud have covered miles and hours. Have breakfast from Denny’s or IHOP. Enjoy those egg delicacies, bacon, sausage, pancake… More miles and hours… time for lunch. Its absolute bliss.

And that too, leaving for a destination which is 400 miles away, with the help of a couple of google map print outs and reaching without cross checking with a single soul. Can’t think of doing the same back in India.

The funniest part was, even though we could escape tickets when we were cruising at 120+, we got caught towards the end of the journey. When we were just 15 mins away from our place on our return journey, we got a speeding ticket for driving at 53 when the limit was 35. :) I dread to think of the consequences had we been booked when we were doing the actual stunts :))

We have been to AJs (that’s what Ajay calls himself these days) place. The eligible bachelor of a cognizant company who goes around in a red Mustang has turned himself into a superb cook. His culinary and bartending skills have touched envious heights :) Food and drinks were just awesome! A trip to Duluth to complete the weekend.