Sunday, January 23, 2005

An interesting email: Reflections of Passion

Frenz, Indians and country men,

One interesting thing about life is that it never ceases to amuse you. Life throws such bizarre incidents at your face that sometimes you just turn back and wonder aloud “Boy!!! Am I dreaming?? “ .

The incident in question which forced me to re-scribble the above words of wisdom (originally scribbled by someone with substance) is this… A dude amongst us got up at 5.30 in the morning. (The same dude who wud have happily skipped his Univ Exams had they been scheduled a minute earlier than 10 AM). He took bath in ice cold water… yesss… there was no hot water… (The same dude who used to take bath twice a year when he was in college, one for his birthday, and the other for Christ’s). Then he went straight to Madiwala Temple for prayers… Motivation was simple and straight forward… A lady dude wanted to go to Temple today morning…I lay my case ur owners…

Ps1: Kudos to our president who titled his book “Wings of Change”.
Ps2: If anyone of you expect me to reveal the identity of the dude in question, you are mistaken my dear frenz, this secret will be buried with me…
Ps#: I sincerely hope the lady dude wudnt make her temple visit a daily routine. If she does, then that would mean a hanging Damocles sword over this poor yours truly’s sleep :-(

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Anonymous said...

> Ps1: Kudos to our president who titled his book “Wings of Change”.

eda koaape..nammude president ezhuthiya book inte peru "wings of Fire" ennanu ;-)