Sunday, January 09, 2005

First Shot

lemme also be hi-tech ;_)...
this is my first shot at a blog..
more like a shot in the dark..

what inspired me to start my own blog space is actually a visit to another blog.
i thot of her as this dumb-headed chirpy girl who yells at the top of her voice into my friend's phone whenever he calls her (which happens pretty often).
and when I went thru her blog, i was dumbstruck... she suddenly appeared to be a monk of wisdom. Her thots r really insightful… and her ideas r original… Man, what a change of opinion… I am pretty sure I will never be able to impress anybody the way her blog impressed me.. but anyways, lemme try ;_)

so here starts arun george’s blogging life…
I am sure this wont last for long… my guitar classes lasted for 3 weeks, drums 4 days, and dance just a day (yea, I had tried that too ;_) )
Let me see how long or how short I will keep blogging

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